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Is RFID the right technology for my business needs?

You can answer this a few different ways. A good first step should be to define your business problem. If your problem is something as simple as "I can't find what I'm looking for" or "Something keeps going missing" then you've stumbled into the right place. We have plenty of use case examples you can browse through to help you think about common applications using Phoenix RFID.

Now that you have an idea of the problem your trying to solve, the next step is to consider the environment your solution is going to need to work in. The environment will have a tremendous impact on the performance of the solution itself. Under the right set of circumstances, RFID technology works reliably and consistently.

Let's start by learning a bit about the environment your solution will be deployed in:

  1. Is your solution environment comprised of a large amount of metal and/or liquids? Yes No
    Metal and liquids tend to impact RFID sensors. The only way to know for sure if your if your environment can handle an RFID deployment is by testing the tags and readers in your environment. Luckily, with strategically placed readers and specialized tags you should be able to successfully deploy a solution.
    Great start! They tend to interfere with the RFID sensors.
  2. Is your solution environment in any "extreme" cold or heat? Yes No
    RFID technology does not perform well in certain extreme environments. For the purposes of the Phoenix RFID Software Solution, we do not recommend deploying our solution in "extreme" conditions.
    Perfect! The more stable the environment the better for an RFID deployment.
  3. Will the solution environment be inside, outside, or both? Inside Outside Both
    Great, just consider the previous questions.
    Something to consider is the impact weather can have on the hardware itself. Liquid and extreme heat or cold are never going to help in an RFID deployment.

Now that you've thought through your solution environment a bit more critically, the other thing to think about is the asset you are looking to keep track of. For our purposes an asset can be a tool, person, file, or just about anything you are looking to learn more about. Just like the environment around the solution, the assets being tracked can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your solution.

  1. Are the assets you're looking to track comprised of metal or liquid? Yes No
    Much like the environment impacting the solution if metal or liquid is present, the same can be said for the assets themselves. This is not a deal breaker though! You just need to make sure you buy the right tags for your solution which we will recommend to you.
    Great! This will allow you much more flexibility in cost and application.
  2. Are you trying to track people? Yes No
    Tracking people can be tremendously valuable in a variety of applications. Something to keep in mind is the type of RFID Technology that Phoenix RFID uses does NOT offer true real time location or offer a read reliability rate of 100%. If you are interested in tracking residents in an elder care facility for example, and you want to rely on this technology for the safety of aforementioned residents, we do NOT recommend using this technology. If you want to track the general movement of people and are not relying on this solution for patients' well-being, then we ABSOLUTELY recommend it!

Having a thorough understanding of your solution deployment environment and the assets you are trying to keep track of are critical in an RFID deployment. Now that you have a strong understanding of the technology and external factors to consider when deploying, we can take a look at things you should consider if you are going to deploy an RFID solution with the Phoenix RFID Software Solution.

  1. Do you have a budget? Yes No
    Great! It's always good to have a budget in mind when evaluating any new technology. It is critical in deciding if an RFID solution is a feasible option.
    No problem! Before you spend to much more time on this, I would recommend taking a look at our pricing page and visiting a company like to get a feel for the total cost of our solution.
  2. Can you or someone in your company install basic hardware components (mount antennas, plug readers in, run cable)? Yes No
    Excellent! We will provide detailed installation and hardware configuration instructions but it's important to have the basic ability to plug in and mount readers and antennas. You will be able to take a look at some example use case hardware configurations to get an idea of a typical setup.
    No problem! Part of the Phoenix RFID Software Solution is offering end users easy setup options that will eliminate the need to outsource installation or setup. Take a look at our Use Case section to see what a typical hardware setup looks like to get an idea if you could handle it yourself, or if you need an outside resource to help.
  3. Do you have basic networking experience or an IT resource? Yes No
    Great! You should have no problem getting up and running!
    No worries. We offer VERY detailed instructions on connecting the reader you will be using, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, contact a basic IT resource for help.

That's it! We hope this assistant helped you consider new things in your evaluation of RFID technology. For additional information on the details of RFID technology, feel free to visit

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