Phoenix RFID Software Solution

Phoenix offer you a step by step service to get your RFID hardware up and running within minutes! We walk you through a detailed setup process that will help you configure your hardware to the specific configurations for optimal use. Once you have reads running through the solution you will have access to configuration dashboards to test read rates and overall read efficiencies.

Phoenix RFID Tag Debug Tool
Tag Debug Tool

Once you have successfully setup and tested your hardware, you will be able to start using your software solution. Phoenix uses our complex backend data processing platform to process and present real time data in clean, easy to use dashboards with searching and sorting abilities.

Phoenix RFID Asset Location Dashboard
Asset Location Dashboard

We also offer you a suite of administrative tools that will allow you to do basic customizations and load all of the different assets you will be tracking throughout your environment.

Phoenix RFID Administrative Tools Dashboard
Administrative Tools Dashboard

If you have an inventory use case simply download our Phoenix RFID app from the Apple App Store for use with the TSL Bluetooth Handheld!

Phoenix RFID App
Phoenix RFID App

Our goal is to give businesses who don't have time to become "RFID experts" the ability to take advantage of new technologies without any of the overhead costs!

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