Take advantage of RFID sensor technology without having to become an expert, using the Phoenix RFID Software Solution

The old technology problem

  • Barcode is still the most common technology used and is proven to be an inaccurate and time consuming process
  • RFID is still an unknown and mostly unadopted technology
  • Resources available to learn are costly or confusing

How do businesses learn about new technologies?

  • Internal evaluation costs time and money
  • Outsource to resellers that all have different, biased recommendations
  • Costly onsite surveys and design documents
  • All options require customized software or middleware to make use of the data

Enter, Phoenix RFID

  • Get unbiased recommendations on hardware technologies that are proven to increase efficiencies and streamline workflows
  • End to end software solution that will walk through the hardware deployment and software customizations
  • Walk away with a newly integrated software sensor solution saving time, money and aggravation typically found in adopting new technologies
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